Five Years Lying

         Pryor Knowledge




Five Years Lying   reveals how two men, one a nuclear chemist from Azerbaijan and the other a Seattle painter, create an International incident between Iran and Israel.

Five Years Lying has three sections.  Each section is told by one of the three main characters:  Peggy Pryor narrates Pryor Knowledge.  Brad Duello stumbles through Ropemaster.  Sisy Duello straightens us out in Checkmate.

Pryor Knowledge -- Part 1 of Five Years Lying

Peggy Pryor retired and began her own business as a Professional Investigator.  The bad economy put her skills in demand as insurance companies struggled to cope with insurance fraud. Her current case concerns Brad Duello who the police believed drowned five years ago.  When Peggy proved Duello was alive, her safe, tidy life was shattered by an assassin's bullet.

Ropemaster -- Part 2 of Five Years Lying

Brad Duello, a structural painter, disappeared without a trace on June 26, 2002 -- his tenth wedding anniversary.  The King County Sheriff's Office determined that Duello drowned in the Green River.  Duello's beneficiary will get one million dollars when the coroner signs his death certificate.  Duello's wife will get nothing.

Checkmate -- Part 3 of Five Years Lying

Sisy is Brad Duello's wife. Since she was seventeen, Brad set the course for her life. Their marriage teetered on the brink of divorce for nine years. Then on a stormy day in 2002, Sisy reached the end of her rope.  She slipped the knot and let Brad take the fall.

The Ropemaster Series continues the story started in Five Years Lying. Book two is Mandie Faradin.  Mandie is Brad Duello's daughter, born to an Iranian teenager in 1995. Mandie grew up knowing little about her American father.  At seventeen, she showed up on his doorstep ready to mold him into the father she needed.

Book three in the Ropemaster Series is Hope's Herald. Untimely deaths are getting to be a habit for Brad Duello.  This time he's imprisoned in a  cell with five dimensions.  Three others share the cell: his grandfather, the man who adopted his daughter, and his worst enemy.  They bond around a commitment to help Mandie create a secure future for the world.

Book four in the Ropemaster Series is Distinction Without a Difference. Brad Duello and his daughter have accomplished the unexpected and made it look like a miracle.  Now they hope to relax and enjoy a normal family life. But Duello cannot rest until he knows who is in charge, what's really going on and how it all will end.

Book five in the Ropemaster Series is What Good is Evil?  We like to believe we are alone in the universe.  But when Brad and his grandson stumble onto the aliens living among us, they learn -- the hard way -- how the invaders blind us to their presence. 

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